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Cyrix MII-233 (FSB66)

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 Chipsets > Intel > P6 Architecture

Intel 815G
Manufacturer Intel
Model P6
Chipset type Northbridge
Codename Solano
Package BGA-544
Bus type FSB Bus Frequency 66/100/133 MHz
Supported CPUs Pentium III FC-PGA, Pentium III FC-PGA2, Celeron FC-PGA Compatible southbridge Intel ICH, Intel ICH0
Memory controller
Memory Type SDRAM PC66/PC100/PC133 Parity / ECC non/non
Max memory 512MB Modules number 3
Cache memory ??? Mémoire cacheable ???
IDE Ports SATA Ports (150MB/s)
SATA 2 Ports (300MB/s) 0 SATA 3 Ports (600MB/s) 0
RAID Audio
USB Network
Modem I/O série
Horloge CMOS Gestion de l'énergie
Other informations
Release date September 1st 2001
Functions/Features None

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Last update : 09/06/2020